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Worldwide Sources Box Office Records

Record No 1. Movie Amount
Top Original Screenplay Worldwide Avatar $2,776,345,279
Top Based on Fiction Book/Short Story Worldwide Jurassic World $1,671,713,208
Top Based on Comic/Graphic Novel Worldwide Avengers: Infinity War $2,018,374,880
Top Remake Worldwide Beauty and the Beast $1,261,139,630
Top Based on TV Worldwide Transformers: Dark of the Moon $1,123,790,543
Top Based on Real Life Events Worldwide Pearl Harbor $449,239,855
Top Based on Factual Book/Article Worldwide Fast and Furious 6 $789,300,444
Top Based on Play Worldwide My Big Fat Greek Wedding $374,890,034
Top Based on Folk Tale/Legend/Fairytale Worldwide Frozen $1,274,234,980
Top Spin-Off Worldwide Minions $1,167,245,366
Top Based on Game Worldwide Warcraft $433,125,655
Top Based on Theme Park Ride Worldwide Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man’… $1,066,215,812
Top Based on Musical or Opera Worldwide Mamma Mia! $615,748,772
Top Based on Religious Text Worldwide The Passion of the Christ $622,341,924
Top Based on Toy Worldwide The Lego Movie $457,729,388
Top Based on Short Film Worldwide Pixels $244,144,701
Top Compilation Worldwide Fantasia $83,320,000
Top Based on Song Worldwide I Can Only Imagine $85,405,826
Top Based on Movie Worldwide Aliens vs. Predator - Requiem $128,884,494
Top Based on Musical Group Worldwide Spice World $56,042,592
Top Based on Web Series Worldwide Along With The Gods: The Two Worlds $109,841,134
Top Based on Ballet Worldwide The Nutcracker in 3D $20,466,016