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Keywords > Waking Up in an Unknown Location

"Waking Up in an Unknown Location" Movies

Movies where one or more characters wake up in an unknown location. This could be because they got black out drunk the night before, like in The Hangover. Or it could be because they were knocked unconcious, like in Cheap Thrills. Or it could be because they were captured by some unknown froce, like in Warhouse.

Release DateTitleOpening WeekendDomestic Box OfficeWorldwide Box OfficeProduction Budget
11/3/2006 Unknown $3,746 $26,403 $3,355,048 $3,700,000
5/26/2011 The Hangover Part II $85,946,294 $254,464,305 $586,464,305 $80,000,000
1/31/2014 Warhouse   $0 $0  
3/21/2014 Cheap Thrills $18,638 $59,424 $59,424 $100,000

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