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Most Popular Movies 1931

This chart shows the 1931 movie releases that have attracted the most interest on The Numbers web site over the past 24 hours. A share of 100 corresponds to 1 percent of the total views for all 1931 releases.

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M poster
Director: Fritz Lang
Lead Roles: Peter Lorre as Hans Beckert
Initial Theatrical Release: August 31st, 1931 (Limited) (Sweden)
Keywords: Police Procedural, Serial Killer, Organized Crime, Prostitution
Classification: Original Screenplay, Drama, Live Action, Contemporary Fiction


M centers around the intense manhunt for a child murderer, played by the legendary Peter Lorre in his first major role. As the police descend on the city in search of the killer, the criminal element finds that extra scrutiny from the law is hindering its own activities, and take the law into their own hands, seeking to bring the murderer to justice on their own terms.

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Initial Theatrical Release: March 15th, 1931 (Wide)

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Alexander Hamilton
Director: John G. Adolphi
Lead Roles: George Arliss as Alexander Hamilton
Initial Theatrical Release: September 12th, 1931 (Limited) by Warner Bros.
Classification: Based on Real Life Events, Drama, Live Action, Dramatization

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City Lights
Initial Theatrical Release: January 30th, 1931 (Exclusive) by United Artists
Classification: Original Screenplay, Comedy, Live Action, Contemporary Fiction

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Initial Theatrical Release: November 21st, 1931 (Wide)
Classification: Based on Fiction Book/Short Story, Horror, Live Action, Science Fiction

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