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IMAX: Gravity Helps IMAX Grow Larger

February 25th, 2014

Gravity poster

IMAX announced their fourth quarter and 2013 yearly financial numbers and it was a good year. During the fourth quarter, the IMAX Corporation pulled in $105.1 million for a per screen average of $336,000. Over the full year, it earned $287.9 million for a per screen average of $1.15 million, which is inline with its most recent averages. (This excluded 2010, as Avatar itself earned a per screen average of close to $1 million during the course of its run.) Much of the fourth quarter and 2013 success can be attributed to Gravity, which as we previously reported reached $100 million worldwide. The future for IMAX is just as strong, as the company added 54 new theater systems and upgraded 4 others during the quarter, lifting the number of new and upgraded IMAX theaters to 112 for the year in 23 countries. There were a total of 837 IMAX systems at the end of the year, including 701 commercial screens and 136 educational screens.


Source: IMAX

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