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Featured TV on DVD Review: Monsuno: Destiny

January 5th, 2013

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Monsuno is a cartoon based on a collectable game where monsters battle each other. There are roughly one hundred thousand of those. Immediately my expectations were lowered, as even if the show is good for the genre, there is a lot of competition. Can it further itself from the pack? Does it miss the mark?

The Show

  1. Clash
    In the first episode, we are introduced to Chase Suno. He is traveling with Bren and Jinja, his two friends, and they are on their way to his father's lab. When he gets there, his father, Jeredy, is missing, but he is greeted by Ace, someone his father used to work for, and who still works for S.T.O.R.M., Jeredy and STORM parted on bad terms. Ace tells Chase than Jeredy left him something in a safe and that only Chase can open it. But when Chase does open it, he is attacked by STORM troops led by Commander Trey. Fortunately, Chase figures out how to use what he father left him and spins-out a monster, a Monsumo he later names Lock.
  2. Courage
    After the first episode, Chase, Bren, and Jinja return to his father's lab hoping to look for clues. However, STORM loots the place and blows up the empty lab, Chase uses Lock to capture their vehicle. Inside they learn Jeredy discovered an unstable Monsuno, Quickforce, and that STORM wanted to perform dangerous tests on it. Now the three of them have to rescue it.
  3. Underground
    The trio head to the big city where they meet with Grandma Future who points them to Mr. Black, who runs an underground Monsuno fight ring, and Grandma Future and Mr. Black are working together.
  4. Wicked
    Chase gets an obviously fake message from his dad, but he is desperate to find any information on his dad, so he goes off anyway. He quickly learns it was a trap and he has to fight Medea, the leader of Darkspin.
  5. Knowledge
    The trio head to a massive library at the Tebab monastery in Mandala, but before they can get there, they are attacked by a young monk named Beyal. He's chased off by The Bookman, the leader of the monastery, but that's not the end of their encounter.

The Extras

There are biographies for Chase and Lock.

The Verdict

Monsuno is typical of the genre, both in terms of plot and quality. We are introduced to the main plot, but not a lot is explained. We are then quickly introduced to a number of enemies, allies, and of course powerful monsters. Destiny is okay as an introduction to this world, but I'm not sold on its longterm prospects. If your child is a fan of the show or of the toys, then there's pretty good value here, but there are a lot of other similar shows and if you prefer one of those, give this one a rental before deciding if it is worth your time and money.

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