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Featured TV on DVD Review: Nickelodeon: Rootin' Tootin' Wild West

January 27th, 2013

Nickelodeon: Rootin' Tootin' Wild West - Buy from Amazon

Rootin' Tootin' Wild West comes out on DVD this week as a Walmart exclusive. However, after spending 20 minutes on their site and trying several variations of the spelling of "Rootin'" ("Rooting", "Rootin", "Rootin'") I couldn't find the link. Maybe it is in store only. Regardless, it is coming out as an exclusive this week, while it will likely be everywhere in a few months. So what shows are featured on this mixed DVD?

The Show

  • Bubble Guppies: The Cowgirl Parade
    Like I said in my previous review of the show, this is more of a sketch show, so there's not a real plot to describe. Molly meets Dusty, a real life cowgirl. Now Molly wants to become a cowgirl as well.
  • Team Umizoomi: Shooting Star!
    The team are at the city ranch and meet the biggest horse, Hercules. They also meet Shooting Star, the smallest horse on the ranch. Shooting Start is so small, he's only reaches up to the knees of the other horses. The team need to find four magic horseshoes to help Shooting Star grow.
  • Dora the Explorer: Pinto, The Pony Express
    Dora and Boots have to take Cowboy cookies to Benny the Bull and they are riding Pinto the Pony. However, they have to keep an eye out for Swiper, who also loves Cowboy cookies.
  • The Fresh Beat Band: Hip Hop Hoedown
    The Fresh Beat Band get a gig at a hoedown and they are going to need to play a country sound. Kiki has a fiddle, Maria can play her drums, Shout gets an accordion (it's close to a keyboard) but what will Twist play? He wants to play his mix table, but that's not very country.
  • Go, Diego, Go!: The Great Roadrunner Race
    Diego helps his friend, Roady the Roadrunner, train for the Great Roadrunner race.
  • Wonder Pets: Save the Pony Express / Help the Groundhog
    In the first part, the Wonder Pets travel to the old west to help the Pony Express when one of their ponies has a load of mail that's too heavy. Ming-Ming's idea is to throw away some of the mail. In the second part, a groundhog is in a snowy forest and needs a blanket to handle the cold. When they get there, they find out his home was destroyed.
  • The Extras

    There are no extras on the DVD.

    The Verdict

    Nickelodeon: Rootin' Tootin' Wild West is typical of the mixed DVDs that are put out by them. There are six episodes from various shows, all with a country and / or western theme. Assuming the price at Walmart is inline with the price of other such releases, then it is worth picking up.

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