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Weekend Wrap-Up: Oz Was as Great as Expected

March 12th, 2013

Oz the Great and Powerful matched predictions perfectly with close to $80 million. The rest of the box office was well back, but there was still reason to celebrate, as the overall box office grew 28% from last weekend to $140 million. More importantly, it rose 5.4% from last year. Even so, 2013 is still way behind 2012's pace at $1.72 billion to $1.97 billion. I don't think 2013 can recover from this deficit, especially with 2012's biggest hits yet to come.

Oz the Great and Powerful lived up to expectations with $79.11 million over the weekend, which is the third best March opening of all time. The executives over at Disney must be breathing a sigh of relief, because this was an expensive movie and they couldn't afford a flop. As far as the film's box office potential going forward, its reviews are mixed, but more positive than negative. Since it should appeal to families, the reviews are good enough to do well next weekend, but The Croods could cut it down. By the time that happens, the film should have at least come close to matching its production budget.

Jack the Giant Slayer was crushed by The Oz the Great and Powerful plummeting 64% to $9.84 million. Its running tally rose to $43.63 million, which is a pittance compared to its nearly $300 million combined budget. Unless it is a huge hit internationally, $500 million or more, it will be a money loser for the studio.

Identity Thief added $6.33 million over the weekend for a total of $116.55 million after five weeks of release. This is an unbelievable run.

Dead Man Down matched expectations; unfortunately for the film, expectations were low and it made just $5.35 million over the weekend. Add in weak reviews and a lower low per theater average, and its legs will likely be really short.

Snitch performed a little better than expected with $5.10 million over the weekend for a total of $31.85 million after three. This is twice its reported production budget, and if that's true, the studio should be very happy with its run so far.

21 and Over just missed the top five with $5.09 million. It did fall just 42% during its sophomore stint, but its two-week total is just $16.88 million, which is nothing special. Fellow sophomore film, The Last Exorcism, was even worse down 59% to just $3.17 million over the weekend for a total of $12.13 million. It didn't cost a lost to make, but I don't think it will pay for its P&A budget any time soon.


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