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Featured TV on DVD Review: Martha and Friends: Martha's Magnificent Egg

March 17th, 2013

Martha and Friends: Martha's Magnificent Egg - Buy from Amazon

Martha and Friends is an animated show for kids that focuses on the types of crafts and decorating tips Martha Stewart is known for. What episodes are on this DVD and does it have enough extras to make it worth picking up?

The Show

  • Martha's Magnificent Egg
    Hannah, Lily, and Martha are working on an Easter episode of their craft guide. However, the craft they chose was Egg Shell flower pots. There's a reason why, "Watching grass grow" is a cliché. They decide they need something with flash to celebrate Easter to help draw in views on their blog. They get their inspiration when they learn the town's annual Easter Egg decorating contest features a special prize: a trip to the White House Egg Roll and a meeting with the First Family. Meanwhile, Francesca and Skarky have a mystery on their hands when Francesca's food bowl goes missing.
That's the only episode on the DVD. It's a fun episode, but this makes is a short DVD. On the other hand, it does cost only $6.

The Extras

Extras start with four webisodes, each about three minutes long. There is also a .pdf of recipes and crafts.

The Verdict

Martha and Friends: Martha's Magnificent Egg is worth checking out if you are looking. However, even at just $6, I'm not 100% sold it is worth the money.

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