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Featured DVD Review: Sexy Evil Genius

April 6th, 2013

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Sexy Evil Genius is a film with a pretty impressive cast, but there are no reviews on Rotten Tomatoes, there are nearly no news about the movie online, there's really nothing. Does it deserve to be on more people's radar? Or was is destined to fade away virtually undiscovered.

The Movie

The film begins in the aftermath of something that required plenty of cops and several ambulances to deal with. We then flashback to before whatever went down went down. We first see Zachary Newman drinking at a bar, impatiently waiting for someone. Someone does arrive, but it's not the woman he's waiting for. She approaches him and he explains he's waiting for someone, but so is she. In fact, they are waiting for the same person, Nikki Franklyn. She introduces herself as Miranda Prague, but she already knows a lot about Zachary. Zachary and Nikki were high school sweethearts, till Nikki dumped him at the prom. Miranda and Nikki became lovers after the pair met in Narcotics Anonymous, but that relationship also ended badly. As they talk and wait for Nikki, Miranda tells Zachary that Nikki killed her last boyfriend and plead not guilty by reasons of mental illness. ... And she was recently released.

As Zachary and Miranda keep talking, Zachary figures Nikki isn't really late. She meant for the pair to meet and get to know each other before she showed up. This theory is all but confirmed when Marvin Coolidge shows up. He explains he was told two people would be there already and Nikki would meet him at 8:30. Clearly Nikki has planned this out. Marvin is another ex. They met and started a Jazz band together, although later in the conversation he learns Nikki doesn't even like Jazz.

After sharing a few more stories, Nikki finally shows up, with Bert Mayfaire, her lawyer, and fiancee.

At this point, we get into a lot of spoilers. We are only about 30 minutes into the movie and most of what we've got so far is backstory. It's just three characters talking and reminiscing about another character they both have in common. It makes it hard to be specific in a review when even describing the basic plot in any detail enters way too deep into spoiler territory. I can say it is a very dialogue driven film, which isn't a problem as the dialogue is very well written and all five main actors are more than capable of delivering it in a way that works. There are many twists in the film and the tension is built up in a very strong way. Done poorly, this film would have been a drag. It could have been lifeless and dull, but that's never a problem. Each story told is engaging and when we learn more about why Nikki got these people together, the movie truly draws you in.

Right now, Sexy Evil Genius is in 7,687th place on the sales chart. I really hope that number improves, because more people should see this film.

The Extras

Extras begin with an audio commentary track with the director, Shawn Piller, and two of the stars, Seth Green and Harold Perrineau. There is also a 16-minute long featurette, Jujitsuing Reality, which is about the screenwriter, Scott Lew, who is dealing with Lou Gehrig's disease and had to write this script with the aid of a computer.

The Verdict

Sexy Evil Genius is a very smart, very well acted movie and while the DVD isn't loaded with extras, it is absolutely worth the price.

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