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Home Market Numbers: February 17th, 2013: Skyfall Help Blu-ray Rise to New Heights

April 11th, 2013

Skyfall led the new releases and completely dominated the February 17th, 2013 edition of the Blu-ray sales chart. It also helped the overall Blu-ray market soar to record-setting heights. Overall, there were 2.59 million units sold and $61.13 million in total revenue, making it the best ever week for Blu-ray, outside of the Christmas shopping season. Compared to last week, total sales were 75% higher in terms of units and 66% higher in terms of revenue. Sales were also higher than last year, albeit by a little less impressive numbers. There were 47% more units sold, while total revenue was 44% higher. Finally, the overall Blu-ray share rose to 39% in terms of units and 50% in terms of revenue. Admittedly, the latter number was due mostly to rounding. (A more precise number is 49.501%.)

The total DVD numbers this week were also higher compared to last week and last year. Compared to last week, total DVD sales were 7% higher in terms of units and 6% higher in terms of revenue reaching 4.03 million units and $62.36 million. This was 23% higher in terms of units and 18% higher in terms of revenue when compared to last year. There were some who were speculating Blu-ray would die out and be replaced by digital distribution. Not only has this not come true, but DVDs remain strong.

Looking forward to next week, the new releases include Argo and the second season of Game of Thrones. The former should lead in terms of units, while the latter should lead in terms of revenue. Also, Monsters, Inc came out, and it should do relatively well on Blu-ray. In comparison, last year's new releases were led by Puss in Boots, which earned first place on the DVD sales chart and the Blu-ray sales chart. I think this year's batch of new releases will be able to perform better than last year's, but not by the margins we saw this week.


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