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Home Market Numbers: March 10th, 2013: Wreck-It Helps Construct Home Market Win

April 24th, 2013

Wreck-It Ralph led all new releases and helped the overall Blu-ray market sell 2.09 million units and generate $53.39 million in total sales. This was 21% more units than were sold last week, while the revenue was 34% higher. Compared to last year, 88% more units were sold and 70% higher revenue was generated. The overall Blu-ray share bounced back hitting 34% in terms of units and 44% in terms of revenue. That's more like it.

This week's DVD sales were not as strong. In fact, they were down compared to last week, albeit by relatively small margins. There were 8% fewer units sold and 12% less revenue generated. Compared to last year, things were rosier, up 7% in terms of units and 2% in terms of revenue.

Next week's new releases will likely be led by Rise of the Guardians on DVD and Life of Pi on Blu-ray. Neither one will be amazing on the home market. Last year, the new releases were led by Happy Feet Two on DVD and The Adventures of Tintin on Blu-ray. I think 2013 as a substantial edge over 2012 this week.


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