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Featured TV on DVD Review: My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic: Princess Twilight Sparkle

May 11th, 2013

My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic: Princess Twilight Sparkle - Buy from Amazon

My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic is the fourth iteration in the My Little Pony franchise, which began in the 1980s. It is the first to have real crossover appeal, not just with boys, but with older fans. The latest DVD to land on my desk is Princess Twilight Sparkle, which includes five episodes, starting with...

The Show

  1. Games Ponies Play
    It's almost time for the Equestria Games and the Mane Six are trying to help Princess Cadance, who is the new ruler of Crystal Empire. She wants her new city become the host city for the Equestria Games and after 1,000 years of rule by an evil king, they need this to return to their former glory. Their main job is to greet the Games Inspector, Ms. Harshwhinny, and show her everything the Crystal Empire has to offer. Unfortunately, there's a case of mistaken identity.
  2. Magical Mystery Cure
    The episode starts with Twilight Sparkle singing about how perfect a day it is and how nothing can go wrong in Ponyville. The song ends when Rainbow Dash gets her all wet with a rain cloud. However, it wasn't Rainbow Dash who did it, but Rarity. Weirder still, Rarity has Rainbow Dash's cutie mark. Something is wrong in Ponyville and only Twilight Sparkle even realizes something wrong. Worse still, she was the one who caused it by using an incomplete spell.
  3. Mmmystery on the Friendship Express
    The Mane Six are on a train to the Nation Dessert Competition and are helping Mr. and Mrs. Cake bring their entry to the competition. By some coincidence, there are three other competitors on the train and they instantly get into a heated debate over which dessert is the best. Pinkie Pie decides to stand watch over the cake all night. The others think she is being paranoid, but she was right. Someone takes a bite out of the cake, three bites in fact. Now it is up to Pinkie Pie to figure out who did it.
  4. Magic Duel
    Trixie returns to Ponyville, but this time she has a magical amulet and this amulet allows her to beat Twilight Sparkle in a duel. However, this amulet also comes with a curse and it is up to Twilight Sparkle to defeat her, with the help of her friends.
  5. Lesson Zero
    Twilight Sparkle is going through her extensive to do list when she realizes she needs to write her weekly friendship report to Princess Celestia. There's just one problem... there's been no problems. Since there have been no problems to fix, she has nothing to report. So she creates a problem to fix. It should come as no surprise that this is a bad idea.

The Extras

There are sing-along versions of "A True, True Friend", plus some printable color pages.

The Verdict

My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic continues to be a great show and Princess Twilight Sparkle has a good price-per-minute. However, the episodes are not chronological and come from seasons two and three. Personally, I would pick up Season Two instead.

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