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Featured TV on DVD Review: Slugterra: Slugs Unleashed

June 16th, 2013

Slugterra: Slugs Unleashed - Buy from Amazon

Slugterra is one of three shows with nearly identical setups that I've reviewed recently. The setup is extremely close to that of KaiJudo and Monsuno, so much so that it is hard to think it was by accident. I described the setup in the previous review, so there's no need to go over it again and we can jump right into the episodes.

The Show

  1. The Slug Run
    Eli Shane, our hero, learns of the Slug Run, a potentially fatal race where the winner will receive a special ultra-rare mole. Vance Volt is a last minute entrant into the race. He's rude, he's cocky, and he's working for Blakk Industries. So Eli knows he has to win, no matter what.
  2. Shadows and Light
    A group is trying to revive Bullseye Cavern by repopulating the place with Fandango slugs. Unfortunately, two of Dr. Blakk's underlings, Locke and Load are trying to stop them. Locke and Load fail to crush the Shane gang, but they do force them into Shadow Clan territory.
  3. Dawn of the Slug
    The gang head to the mall for a day of relaxation and consumer spending, but when they get there, the mall is full of zombies. Clearly this is inspired by Dawn of the Dead. Eli and the gang have to figure out who is behind this and stop them.
  4. Club Slug
    Pronto sees an ad for Club Slug, a place that will train your slugs for you while you don't have to do any work. Eli doesn't trust Sergeant Slug, but when Kord defeats Eli in a duel, he decides to give it a test run. But is the place as good as it seems?
  5. Endangered Species
    Trixie gets really excited because she learns that a rare slug, an Enigmo, as been spotted and she wants to be the first to catch it. However, by the time they get there, there are several hunters there, plus a rich couple just looking to buy it. The other hunters are a little on the crazy side and are doing so much damage to the forest looking for the Enigmo. The gang tries to first reason with them, but when this fails, they realize they have to catch the Enigmo first, even if it is just to stop the destruction.

The Extras

Extras include a short behind-the-scenes featurette and three short Slugisodes.

The Verdict

Slugterra: Slugs Unleashed is good value for the money with five episodes and a few extras. If you prefer this show over the others in the genre, then it is worth picking up.

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