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Home Market Numbers: Massive Update: April 28th, 2013

June 22nd, 2013

There were a quartet of new releases this week, but it was a matter of quantity over quality and Django Unchained remained on top of the DVD and Blu-ray carts. The Gangster Squad settled for second place with 314,000 units / $5.04 million on DVD and 149,000 units / $3.52 million It's opening week Blu-ray share was 32%, which is solid for a drama, but nothing too impressive. Its running totals are 532,000 units / $8.31 million on DVD and 236,000 units / $5.69 million on Blu-ray. The Impossible managed third place on DVD with 178,000 units / $3.15 million, but only fifth place on Blu-ray with 44,000 units / $1.03 million. Its opening week Blu-ray share was just 20%. This is low for the format as a whole, but average for a drama. So far the film has sold 281,000 units and $5.21 million on DVD, but just 75,000 units / $1.74 million on Blu-ray. A Haunted House opened in fourth place on DVD with 171,000 units / $2.90 million, but managed third place on Blu-ray with 66,000 units / $1.54 million. It only managed an opening week Blu-ray share of 28%, which is low given its target demographic. So far the film has sold 295,000 units / $5.29 million on DVD, while its Blu-ray running tally is 108,000 units / $2.58 million. This is apparently enough to justify a sequel.

Promised Land was the only other new release to chart, but it missed the top five landing in eighth place on DVD with 76,000 units / $1.34 million. It was slightly better on Blu-ray earning seventh place with 33,000 units / $775,000 for an opening week Blu-ray share of 30%. This is good for a drama, but that's the only good news for its financial numbers. Its running tally on DVD is 141,000 units / $2.62 million and just 45,000 units / $1.06 million on Blu-ray.

Overall Blu-ray sales slumped to just 783,000 units / $19.46 million, but this was 13% more units than the same weekend last year. DVD sales were stronger with 2.02 million units / $35.17 million, which was 8% higher than last year. This left the overall Blu-ray share down to just 28% in terms of units and 36% in terms of revenue. It was a bad week for Blu-ray.


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