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Home Market Numbers: Massive Update: May 12th, 2013

June 22nd, 2013

There was a one-two punch when it came to new releases with Safe Haven topping the DVD chart, while Jack Reacher reached top spot on Blu-ray. Safe Haven sold 558,000 units / $9.54 million on DVD and 227,000 units / $5.22 million on Blu-ray. Its opening week Blu-ray share was 29%, which is better than expected, given its target demographic. In total, the film has sold 941,000 units / $16.09 million on DVD, while its Blu-ray running tallies are 373,000 units / $8.53 million. Jack Reacher opened in second place on the DVD chart with 320,000 units / $5.46 million, but earned first place on Blu-ray with 248,000 units / $5.01 million. An opening week Blu-ray share of 44% is good, but not great. After four weeks of release, the film has sold 539,000 units / $9.26 million on DVD and 383,000 units / $7.95 million on Blu-ray. I think the studio was expecting more. Mama only managed fourth place on DVD with 171,000 units / $2.93 million, while it finished in third place on Blu-ray with 97,000 units / $2.14 million. Its opening week Blu-ray share was 36%, which isn't bad. On the other hand, the film was surprisingly strong in theaters for a January release, so I was hoping for more on the home market. So far the film has sold 303,000 units / $5.34 million on DVD and 144,000 units / $3.15 million on Blu-ray.

Superman: Unbound debuted on the DVD chart in eleventh place with 41,000 units / $451,000. On the other hand, it reached the top five on the Blu-ray chart with 63,000 units / $909,000. Its opening week Blu-ray share was 60%, which is stunning for the format, but surprisingly common for D.C. Direct-to-DVD releases. Its target demographic is the perfect demographic for Blu-ray. Fringe: Season Five earned 19th place on DVD with 29,000 units / 671,000 and 15th place on Blu-ray with 18,000 units / $504,000. An opening week Blu-ray share of 38% is excellent for a TV on DVD release.

The overall market was fantastic, for Blu-ray, with 1.09 million units / $24.08 million in sales. This is 52% more units than last week and 33% more units than last year. DVD sales were not as strong at 2.15 million units / $36.38 million. This was 28% more than last week, but 18% lower than the same weekend last year. The overall Blu-ray share rose to 34% in terms of units and 40% in terms of revenue, which is excellent for a summer week.


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