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Home Market Numbers: Massive Update: May 19th, 2013

June 22nd, 2013

It was a bad week for new releases. Granted, one of them earned top spot and there were three in the top five of the DVD sales chart, but it was a matter of terrible competition. Cloud Atlas led the way with 195,000 units / $2.92 million on DVD and 141,000 units / $3.30 million on Blu-ray. Its opening week Blu-ray share was 42%, which is better than most films. However, at this point having a good Blu-ray share is way too little, far too late. The film cost over $100 million to make, and total sales of 336,000 units / $5.04 million on DVD and 214,000 units / $5.12 million after three weeks of release is not nearly enough. The second best new release of the week was Texas Chainsaw 3D, which only managed fourth place with 106,000 units / $1.58 million and on Blu-ray with $58,000 units / $1.19 million. An opening week Blu-ray share of 35% is merely okay, nothing more. After three weeks of release, the film has sold 149,000 units / $2.22 million on DVD and 74,000 units / $1.58 million on Blu-ray. Had it made that much over its opening weekend, it still would have been disappointing.

Dexter: Season Seven managed fifth place on DVD with 102,000 units / $2.73 million. It was weaker on Blu-ray placing seventh with 31,000 units / $940,000 giving it an opening week Blu-ray share of 23%. This is not unexpected for a TV on DVD release. The only other new release to chart was WWE Wrestlemania XXIX, which landed in ninth place on DVD with 49,000 units / $982,000, but only sixteenth place on Blu-ray with 14,000 units / $328,000. Its opening week Blu-ray share was 22%.

The overall market this week was terrible. Blu-ray sales plummeted 40% to just 654,000 units / $15.62 million. This was 20% lower than the same weekend last year, which is an awful result. On the other hand, the new releases were abysmal, so this isn't a surprising result. DVD sales were no better at 1.45 million units / $25.77 million. This was 33% lower than last week and last year. The overall Blu-ray share slipped to 31% in terms of units and 38% in terms of revenue.


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