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Weekend Wrap-Up: Box Office Got Served

August 20th, 2013

It turns out Lee Daniels' The Butler was the strongest of the four wide releases. In fact, given its reviews and its target demographic, it could hit $100 million. Kick-Ass 2 really stumbled, which is not that surprising given its reviews, but a lot of analysts failed to predict this result. Jobs missed the top five by a wide degree, while Paranoia missed the top ten. The overall box office fell 12% to $139 million. This is higher than the same weekend last year, but by a barely perceivable 0.2%. Year-to-date, 2013 is ahead of 2012, but by a tiny 0.25% margin. Still, compared to where we were earlier in the year, this is a massive victory.

Lee Daniels' The Butler did a little better than expected and thanks to much weaker than expected competition, it easily won the race to the top of the box office chart. It pulled in $24.64 million over the weekend and with a target demographic that is older and reviews that are stronger, it should have great legs. If it can generate some awards season buzz, perhaps for an supporting actor nod or two, it could last long enough to crack $100 million.

We're the Millers remained in second place slipping just 32% to $17.96 million over the weekend for a total of $69.70 million after two weeks of release. At this pace, it should reach $100 million before it has finished its domestic theatrical run. This is surprising given its opening weekend and its mixed reviews. Then again, mixed reviews are a lot better than most films earn in August.

Elysium fell from first to third with $13.69 million over the weekend for a ten-day running tally of $56.00 million. It should finish with $75 million, more or less, which is good for this time of year. On the other hand, it is weak for a film that cost $75 million to make.

Disney's Planes was right behind with $13.39 million over the weekend for a total of $45.34 million after two. Thanks to its family friendly target demographic, it should also reach $75 million, which again is good for this time of year. However, unlike Elysium, this is enough to nearly cover its production budget, while it will likely break even early in its home market run, if not sooner.

Despite some high hopes, Kick-Ass 2 only managed fifth place on the weekend box office chart with $13.33 million. Granted, it was less than $60,000 from fourth place and less than $400,000 from third place, but that's damning it with faint praise. Speaking of damning it, the reviews were terrible at just 28% positive. Granted, its audience score was a lot better at 75% positive, but this still suggest short legs.

The next new release to chart was Jobs, which grabbed seventh place with just $6.71 million. Its reviews are very weak with just 26% positive, which is disastrous for a drama. And unlike with Kick-Ass 2, the audience reaction wasn't strong either at just 53% positive. It will likely have short legs and will be losing theaters by the time September is in full swing.

The final new release of the week was Paranoia, which missed the top ten by a large margin at just $3.53 million. Its per theater average was well below the Mendoza line, while its reviews are among the worst out of any wide release this year. Theater owners will be looking to drop this film as soon as they are contractually able to.

Looking in on the sophomore class, we find Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters in sixth place with $8.75 million over the weekend for a 12-day total of $39.28 million. It sophomore stint decline was just 39%, which isn't bad, but given the film's opening and its production budget, it wasn't enough.


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