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Home Market Numbers: New Releases Get Lost on the Way

October 23rd, 2013

It was a mixed week for new releases. There was one major release, G.I. Joe: Retaliation, but not much else. Fortunately, it and the "not much else" all did very well on Blu-ray helping the overall Blu-ray market grow when compared to last week and last year. Compared to last week, there were 91% more units sold growing to 943,000 units, while the revenue rose 83% to $19.41 million. The growth compared to last year was just as strong up 85% in terms of units and 104% in terms of revenue. This growth combined with the sunken DVD sales week helped the overall Blu-ray share skyrocket to 39% in terms of units and 48% in terms of revenue.

Unlike the Blu-ray, the DVD sales this week were terrible when compared to both last week and last year. Compared to last week, there were 22% fewer units sold while the revenue was 18% lower. Compared to last year things were even grimmer, down 24% in terms of units and 29% in terms of revenue.

Next week's new releases will be led by Oblivion, which wasn't exactly a blockbuster, but it wasn't a dud either. Last year's new releases were led by The Lorax, which was a huge hit on the home market. It looks like 2013's winning streak will end at one week.


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