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Limited Releases: Warm Reception for Limited Releases

October 25th, 2013

It is a short list this week with just four limited releases to talk about. However, all four are at least earning overall positive reviews. One of them, Blue is the Warmest Color, is earning outstanding reviews and has generated a lot of pre-release buzz.

Blue is the Warmest Color - Reviews
This film is not only earning great reviews, but it is also earning a lot of pre-release buzz. Not all of it is for the best reasons. For instance, there's a long lesbian love scene in the movie and that is generating a lot of buzz, but it is also a rather big distraction. Also, the director and the lead actress are apparently in a bit of a spat. I try to avoid reading about these things, so I don't know the details. (I'm not even sure which of the two lead actresses is involved.) However, even without the details, I can say it might help raise awareness for the film, or again, it could prove to be a distraction. Blue is the Warmest Color opens tonight in four theaters.

The Capital - Reviews
The sudden death of the CEO of a French Bank leads to the rise of a new, and ruthlessly ambitious executive. But soon the bank becomes the target of a hostile takeover. The film's reviews are good, but not great, and like I've said many times in the past, it generally takes great reviews to thrive in limited release. Capital opens tonight in two theaters, Paris Theatre and Regal Union Square Stadium, both in New York City.

Spinning Plates - Reviews
The first of two documentaries on this week's list. This one is about food, specifically three restaurants across America that are on different levels. One is an award-winning restaurant in a big town. One is a century plus old restaurant in a small town in the Midwest. And the third is a new Mexican restaurant that is struggling to take root. The film's reviews are overwhelmingly positive and those who want to see a documentary, but not deal with politics, should check it out. Spinning Plates opens tonight in three theaters in Chicago, Los Angeles, and New York City.

The Square - Reviews
A documentary about the Egyptian Revolution, which is still ongoing. The film's reviews are currently perfect with sixteen positive reviews out of sixteen on Rotten Tomatoes. With Awards Season starting to heat up, there are plenty of choices for art house aficionados to chose from, but those looking for a documentary don't have many better choices out there. The Square opens tonight at the Film Forum in New York City before spreading to the Los Angeles area next week.


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