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Per Theater Chart: Frozen has a Hot Opening

November 26th, 2013

Frozen poster

Frozen begun its short prestige release before its wide expansion on Wednesday and it was fantastic. The film pulled in $243,390 in one theater giving it the best per theater average for the year so far, topping Blue Jasmine and pushing Spring Breakers into third place. The Hunger Games: Catching Fire was in a distant second place with an average of $37,971 in more than 4,000 theaters. Philomena did very well with an average of $32,109 in four theaters. The Great Beauty remained in the $10,000 club with an average of $17,452 in three theaters. Nebraska rounded out the $10,000 club with an average of $11,634 in 28 theaters. It should continue to expand and start hitting major milestones.

There were a few other new limited releases this week, including Is the Man Who Is Tall Happy?, which pulled in an average of $9,645 million. Another documentary, Narco Cultura was next up with $6,093 in one theater. A third documentary was next in line. Bettie Page Reveals All was also playing in one theater and it pulled in $4,846. The final new release we have numbers for is Contracted. It is the wrong genre for limited release, so it is not surprising that it missed the Mendoza Line with an average of $1,109 in three theaters.

This past week also saw milestones reached for a couple of Per Theater Chart alumni:


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