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Featured Blu-ray / DVD Review: Transformers: Dark of the Moon: Limited Edition 3D Set

January 29th, 2012

Transformers: Dark of the Moon: Limited Edition 3D Blu-ray Combo Pack - Buy from Amazon
Transformers: Trilogy Box Set - Buy from Amazon

I previously reviewed Transformers: Dark of the Moon when it first came out on DVD and Blu-ray, but this week it is being released on the home market in two more forms, a four-disc 3D Blu-ray combo pack and a seven-disc trilogy box set. I was supposed to get the seven-disc set to review, but so far only the four-disc set has arrived. So what's new on the four-disc set? And is it worth picking up / upgrading to?

The Movie

For those who don't want to read my previous review, here's a short summary...

In the 1960s the robots crashed on the moon and now both the Decepticons and the Autobots are trying to recover the ship and any technology that might have been left on it. Soon the Autobots have their old leader back, Sentinel Prime, but the Decepticons might have the technology to bring their armies from Cybertron to Earth. On the one hand, the film had a couple good ideas and some of the action was better than the previous two films. On the other hand, there are too many plot holes to overlook and too much of the plot focuses on boring and undeveloped human characters. When we finally get to the action, again the humans are the focus far too often. Several of the human characters are also hampered with acting that is either wooden or distractingly over-the-top. There's not a lot to recommend.

The Extras

There were no extras on the DVD or the Blu-ray, but the technical presentation was reference quality material.

The four-disc set includes the 3-D version of the film, but since I have not made the leap to 3-D, I can't review this portion of the movie. It also comes with a bonus disc with special features. These special features start with...

  1. Above and Beyond: Exploring the Dark of the Moon
    This five-part, nearly two-hour making of documentary leads the way on the bonus disc. It actually begins with the cast and crew admitting part 2 wasn't a very good movie. They then talk about how they tried to make the third part better. There is a section on the 3D filming, a section on the climatic battle, a section on the base-jumping scene. (On a side note, the base-jumping scene was actually one of the problems with the movie. The filmmakers were focusing too much on the humans and not enough on the Transformers.) Overall, it is a very comprehensive documentary and if you really liked the movie, it's worth checking out.
  2. Uncharted Territory: NASA's Future Then and Now
    This 26-minute long featurette looks at the real world space program. And what their future is now that the space shuttle program is over. On a side note, I don't think we should build a station on the Moon or send men to Mars. I think the next step should be to replace the Hubble space telescope and then send probes to Enceladus, Europa, and some of moons of Jupiter and Saturn that might have life.
  3. Desconstructing Chicago: Multi-Angle Sequences
    There are two-dozen scenes in two sections, Previsualizations and Visual Effects. The first has the early animatic that are used as storyboards and the second has the many layers of special effects. You can watch each scene separately, or as part of the full section. You can also watch with or without the comparison to the final shot and with or without audio commentary. Combined, the two sections are about 36 minutes long.
  4. The Art of Cybertron
    3D models and Concept art.
  5. The Dark of the Moon Archive
    Five more featurettes, mostly rather short. (The first four are only ten minutes combined.) Only The Sound of 'Transformers: Dark of the Moon is of any real length and it's only 9 minutes long.
  6. The Matrix of Marketing
    The two trailers, plus a gallery of posters and other promo items.
Like I said, I don't have the seven-disc box set, but I hope to get it soon to review.

The Verdict

Transformers: Dark of the Moon is not a good movie, but at least the Limited Edition 3D Blu-ray Combo Pack has enough extras to justify the price when compared to the previous Blu-ray release. On the other hand, it appears the Transformers: Trilogy Box Set might be a tad overpriced. I won't know for sure until it arrives. If it arrives.

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