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IMAX: John Carter Leaps Higher on IMAX

March 14th, 2012

John Carter had a poor start in theaters, but its IMAX numbers were strong by comparison. Out of the $30.18 million it earned domestically, approximately $5.0 million came on 289 IMAX screens. It added approximately $4.5 million on 194 IMAX screens on the international scene. Additionally, with openings in Japan, China and other markets still ahead, it still has a lot of box office potential. Granted, this isn't enough to break even, but at least it was a hit in one regard.

Up next is The Hunger Games, which has a special one-week engagement starting on the 23rd, followed by Wrath of the Titans on the 30th and Titanic 3D on the 4th of April. Looking further ahead, it was announced that Prometheous will open day-in-date on IMAX on June 8th and Frankenweenie will open on IMAX on October 5th.


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