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International Box Office: John Carter's Earthly Opening

March 14th, 2012

John Carter absolutely dominated the international box office; however, this is because of how wide it opened, not how strong its opening was. Over the weekend, it earned $66.12 million on 18,890 screens in 51 markets for a total opening of $68.93 million. Its per screen average was a mere $3,500, which is low for this type of release. There were some highlights, led by a first place, $16.55 million opening on 939 screens in Russia. It also opened in first place in Mexico with $3.42 million on 1,144, which is better than Journey 2: The Mysterious Island opened with earlier in the year. On the other hand, it's first place opening in the U.K. was more subdued at $3.07 million on 456 screens.

Other first place markets include...

  • Australia: $3.09 million on 246 screens over the weekend for a total opening of $3.25 million.
  • Spain: $2.68 million on 650 screens.
  • Brazil: $2.28 million on 445 screens.
  • It had to settle for second place in the following markets...

  • France: $3.42 million on 506.
  • Germany: $3.22 million on 515.
  • South Korea: $2.95 million on 511 screens over the weekend for a total opening of $3.33 million.
The film has yet to open in Japan and China, but it is highly unlikely that it will even match its production budget worldwide.

No other film was close, but Journey 2: The Mysterious Island did place second with $9.2 million on 5,745 screens in 60 markets for totals of $200.0 million internationally and $290.6 million worldwide. It should have $300 million worldwide by this time next week, while it has yet to open in Japan.

Intouchables returned to the top five earning fourth place with $8.18 million on 1,857 screens in 8 markets for a total of $260.14 million. This weekend it opened in second place in Spain with $1.82 million on 237 screens. It's very rare for French films to reach $250 million worldwide and this one has done so by showing amazing strength outside its native market.

This Means War was right behind with $9.19 million on 3,580 screens in 52 markets for a total of $57.28 million after four weeks of release. Its biggest market of the weekend was Spain, but it bombed there with just $752,000 on 340 screens.

A Simple Life opened in China, Hong Kong, and a few other markets earning fifth place with $7.01 million. Like most films from this part of the world, breakdowns for individual markets were not released.


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