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International Box Office: Hunger Not as Filling Internationally

March 28th, 2012

The Hunger Games opened in first place internationally, but it wasn't as dominant as it was domestically. The film earned $59.25 million on 7,700 screens in 67 markets. That's a strong start for a film that cost $80 million to make, but it is a weak start for a film that opened with $152 million domestically. It open in first place in a number of major markets and did very well in Australia with $9.48 million on 471 screens. By comparison, The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 1 made more than $12 million when it opened there last year. In the U.K. it made $7.77 million on 511 screens, compared to nearly $22 million for Breaking Dawn. It also opened in first place in Russia with $6.62 million on 1,165 screens, in Germany with $4.24 million on 613, in Mexico with $3.57 million on 1,362, in France with $3.55 million on 706, and in Brazil with $2.98 million on 636. These results are all good, but nowhere near as potent as its domestic opening. The film has yet to open in South Korea, Spain, Italy, and a few other markets, so it should earn about $200 million internationally and about $500 million worldwide.

John Carter was pushed into second place with $22.2 million over the weekend giving it a total of $172.1 million after three. The studio isn't releasing a whole lot of details anymore and they've already written it off as a $200 million loss. Getting to $200 million internationally and $300 million worldwide is merely a face-saving exercise, and while it should get to the former milestone, getting to the latter will be tough.

Agent Vinod opened in third place with $9.07 million on 2,378 in close to 20 markets. This is very strong for an Indian film.

The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel had its best showing on the chart earning fourth place with $8.10 million on 1,898 screens in 18 markets for a still early total of $33.13 million. The film opened in second place in Australia with $3.66 million on 258 screens over the weekend for a total opening of $3.80 million. On the other hand, it only managed fifth place in Spain with $654,000 on 215. After a month of release, the film has made $24.85 in its native U.K., including $1.18 million on 464 this past weekend. It opens in limited release here on May the 4th and could be a sleeper hit.

Intouchables climbed a spot into fifth place with $7.69 million on 2,116 screens in 8 markets for a total of $275.23 million. It opened in second place in South Korea with $2.63 million on 454 screens over the weekend for a total opening of $2.94 million. It opens in limited release here at the end of May, and given its success worldwide, it deserves to find a receptive audience here.


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