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International Box Office: Avengers are Marvelous

May 3rd, 2012

The weekend international numbers came in a little late for two main reasons. Firstly, it was May Day. In North America the normal reaction to that is, "Huh?" (My knowledge of the holiday is limited to a joke on Red Dwarf.) But internationally, it's a pretty big deal. Secondly, it takes a long time to count to $200 million, which what The Avengers made. Technically, it made $185.1 million on 12,152 screens in 39 markets over the weekend, for a total opening of $218.2 million. To put this into perspective, this is more than Captain America made in total on the international scene, as well as both of the Hulk films. It is possible that the film will reach $300 million internationally by the end of business on Thursday, while by the end of this weekend, it will be one of the biggest hits Marvel has produced.

As for individual markets, The Avengers earned $25.68 million on 521 screens in the U.K., which was easily enough for first place. This was a fantastic start and equal to about $125 million to $150 million here, but not near the top of the all-time chart in that market. In Australia, the film made $13.87 million on 621 screens over the weekend for a total opening of $20.15 million, which is the second best five-day opening in that market. It had the best opening ever in Mexico with $16.99 million on 2,862 screens and in Brazil with $11.51 million on 1,010. It also topped the all time chart in Hong Kong with $4.47 million on 43 screens over the weekend for a total opening of $6.60 million, as well as many other smaller markets.

It was also stellar in France with $11.63 million on 668 screens over the weekend for a total opening of $16.47 million. In South Korea it earned $10.62 million on 963 screens over the weekend for a total opening of $12.94 million, while Italy was close behind with a total opening of $10.79 million, $6.29 million of which was earned on 678 screens over the weekend. On the other hand, it was marginally disappointing in Germany with $8.39 million on 607 screens and in Spain with $6.91 million on 696 screens.

The Avengers has yet to open in Japan, China, Russia, and other markets, and should have no trouble becoming one of the biggest hits of all time on the international stage.

Battleship was pushed into second place with $19.89 million on 8,764 screens in 47 markets for a total of $170.21 million after three weeks of release. The film has yet to open in Mexico, Brazil, and of course North America, so it should have little trouble getting to $200 million internationally, while $400 million worldwide is not unobtainable.

American Reunion rose to third place with $14.60 million on 2,923 screens in 37 markets for a total of $75.23 million. The film opened in second place in Germany with a surprisingly strong debut of $6.72 million on 634 screens over the weekend for a total opening of $7.14 million. This type of comedy tends to do well in that market, but it was competing with The Avengers for moviegoers.

Titanic 3D added $14.22 million on 5,592 screens in 69 markets and now has 257.98 million internationally and $314.26 million worldwide, just during its re-release. It's total, total is $1.5 billion internationally and $2.1 billion worldwide.

Guns N' Roses opened in first place in $10.46 million in China, which was enough for fifth place internationally.

The Hunger Games fell out of the top five and below the $10 million mark, but it still managed sixth place with $7.54 million on 3,786 screens in 62 markets for totals of $229.53 million internationally and $601.55 million worldwide. $600 million is enough to pay for the film's total budget, and the total budget for the next installment in the franchise, and most of the production budget for the final film.


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