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Weekend Estimates: Avengers Piles on the Records

May 13th, 2012

A second-weekend drop-off of 50% for a major release is considered a very respectable performance these days. But when it occurs for a film that opened with over $200 million, that puts the performance into a different league. Those legs will mean The Avengers will cruise to another major record this record, with its predicted $103.2 million the biggest second weekend in history. The film will have $373 million by the close of the day on Sunday, according to Disney, and about $1 billion worldwide.

Up against that performance, Dark Shadows was always going to look like an also-ran, but its $28.8 million debut is still a disappointment for Warner Bros., who will still hope for a decent run for the film but can write off any prospects of it making a profit.

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Bruce Nash

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