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International Box Office: Avengers are Billionaires

May 16th, 2012

The Avengers reached the $1 billion worldwide milestone in a mere 19 days, tying the record set by Avatar and Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, Part II. However, this is even more impressive, as The Avengers opened domestically one week later than it opened internationally. Over the weekend the film added $93.8 million on 17,104 screens in 54 markets for totals of $635.1 million internationally and $1.01 billion worldwide. It is the first Marvel film to reach this milestone, but amazingly the fifth Disney movie to do so. There have only been twelve films to reach $1 billion worldwide, and Disney have made five of them.

As for individual markets, The Avengers is still dominating several major markets, leading the way in South Korea with $7.15 million on 734 screens over the weekend for a total of $40.49 million after three. The U.K. was right behind with $6.70 million on 498 screens over the weekend, but its three-week total was $64.76 million. Brazil and Russia were neck-and-neck over the weekend with the former earning $6.47 million on 927 screens and the latter earning $6.45 million on 1,204. Brazil also leads in total $42.64 million to $35.56 million. Mexico and Australia were also in a close battle with the former raising $5.23 million on 2,089 screens and the latter bringing in $5.18 million on 617. Their respective running tallies were not as close with Mexico easily leading at $47.53 million to $38.92 million. Germany was not as dominant, but it still earned first place for the third weekend in a row with $3.13 million on 625 screens over the weekend for a total of $23.41 million after three. It also had to settle for second place in France with $2.64 million on 675 screens, but its running tally is $27.31 million, which is hardly a weak number for the market. It also had to settle for second place in Spain adding $1.40 million on 351 screens over the weekend for a total of $16.47 million. It only managed third place in Italy with $1.35 million on 485 screens, but again its running tally was strong at $20.66 million.

Additionally, the film has cracked $10 million in a number of markets than very few would consider major: Philippines, Argentina, Hong Kong, and India.

With Japan still ahead, The Avengers should have no problem becoming the highest-grossing non-James Cameron movie of all time, and might even get respectably close to Titanic.

Dark Shadows was well back in second place with $37.3 million on 5,760 screens in 42 markets, which is a better opening than it managed domestically and might be enough to save the film's financial health. The film opened in first place in France with $4.46 million on 474 screens, in Italy with $2.56 million on 518, and in Spain with $2.41 million on 320. It had to settle for second place in Russia, but with an outstanding start of $5.21 million on 985 screens. That's like opening with $50 million; if it did that well here, no one would be questioning its path to profitability. It also earned second place in Australia with $3.72 million 369 screens. It was not as potent in the U.K. placing third with $3.86 million on 510 screens. This is actually weaker than it opened here. It also placed third in Germany earning $2.07 million on 441 screens and in South Korea with $2.06 million on 386 for a total opening of $2.42 million. It has yet to open in Japan, Brazil, Mexico, Argentina, and many other markets, so it should reach $100 million internationally with ease, and if it is a surprising hit in Latin America, it could get to $200 million worldwide.

American Reunion fell to third place with $14.65 million on 4,069 screens in 48 markets for a total of $143.65 million. It was a real disappointment domestically, but its international totals are the best in the franchise and with $199.70 million worldwide, it will show a profit. The U.K. led the way with $4.09 million on 487 screens over the weekend for a total of $19.63 million after two.

Battleship remained in fourth place $10.38 million on 7,131 screens in 62 markets for a total of $215.67 million after a month of release. It opened well in Mexico with $3.14 million on 1,306 screens, which was enough for second place behind The Avengers, while it also had to settle for second place in Brazil, but with just $1.38 million on 497. The film finally opened domestically on Friday, but it has already matched its production budget internationally.

That's it for $10 million movies, but there were a few more worth noting. For instance, there were a trio of international releases starting with Thermae Romae. The film remained in first place in Japan and fifth place internationally with $4.56 million on 304 screens over the weekend for a total of $37.12 million after three. Ishaqzaade opened in sixth place with $3.75 million, most of which came from India, but additional numbers were not released. Another Japanese film, Sadako 3D, was next with $3.09 million on 213 screens.

Finally, Mirror Mirror reached the $100 million market on the international chart. It was an expensive movie to make, but it has earned more than its combined budget at the worldwide box office, which means it could break even, if it is a hit on the home market.


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