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Weekend Wrap-Up: Rock Sinks, Boy Bombs

June 18th, 2012

The weekend could be be described as an epic disappointment. Rock of Ages and That's My Boy earned less during their opening weekends than some expected they would make during their opening days. This meant Madagascar 3: Europe's Most Wanted had an easy win, even though it slumped a little bit more than expected. In fact, the only film in the top five that beat expectations was Snow White and the Huntsman. The overall box office fell 28% from last weekend to $130 million. More importantly, this was 15% lower than the same weekend last year. These wild swings at the box office are making it hard to predict what will happen in the future. We can't seem to get any momentum either way these past few weeks. Still, 2012 is ahead of 2011 by 9.5% at $4.91 billion to $4.49 billion and we do have at least one monster hit left to open this summer, so that lead could increase by the end of August.

Madagascar 3: Europe's Most Wanted fell 44% to $34.06 million over the weekend for a total of $119.01 million after two. This decline is a little troublesome for a family film, especially since there is direct competition opening on Friday. That said, it is still doing better than the first two films at this point in their runs, while it is not impossible for the film to reach $200 million in total.

Prometheus proved yet again that good reviews are no match for the Fanboy Effect, as it fell nearly 60% to $20.71 million over the weekend for a total of $89.37 million after two. It is the biggest hit in the Alien franchise, while it will become the 11th film to reach the $100 million milestone this year, likely on this coming Saturday. The film reportedly cost about $125 million to make, and it should match that figure domestically. Adding in its international numbers and the film is on pace to break even early in its home market run, if not sooner.

Rock of Ages could kill guy-centric musicals for quite some time. After the failure of this film and Sweeney Todd to connect with audiences, studios will not be willing to try again for quite some time. Rock of Ages earned third place with just $14.44 million over the weekend. Even worse, by Sunday, it was down to fifth place on the daily chart. Mixed reviews and a small internal multiplier suggest weak legs. By the time July starts, the film could see its theater count take a serious hit.

With an opening weekend haul of just $13.45 million, That's My Boy was Adam Sandler's worst opening since Reign Over Me, and the worst opening for a live action comedy starring the actor since Happy Gilmore. That was more than 15 years ago. It is possible that years of terrible reviews have finally caught up with the actor.

Snow White and the Huntsman earned $13.27 million over the weekend lifting the film's running tally to $122.06 million. The film might actually remain in the top five for one more weekend, while it should hit $150 million during its domestic run. Granted, the film did cost $175 million to make, so it will need help internationally and on the home market to break even, but it should get there sooner rather than later.


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