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DVD Sales: New Releases Were Silent

August 7th, 2012

There was only one new release to chart on this week's DVD sales chart this week, and it didn't even reach the top ten. This left The Three Stooges in first place with 182,000 units / $3.62 million for the week, lifting its totals to 601,000 units / $12.02 million. Batman Begins rose to second place with 108,000 units / $736,000. It came out before we started tracking DVD sales. American Reunion slipped to third place with 96,000 units / $1.92 million over the week for a three-week total of 698,000 units / $12.17 million. The Dark Knight rocketed up into fourth place with 88,000 units / $590,000. In total, it has sold 17.12 million units and generated $259.31 million. These are DVD sales numbers that are unthinkable today. Granted, a lot of this is because Blu-ray has taken over from DVD for big hits like this, but the overall home market is just weaker today. 21 Jump Street was less than 30 units behind earning fifth place with 88,000 units, but because it wasn't being sold at such a deep discount, it pulled in $1.59 million. After a month of release, it has sold 1.46 million units and generated $25.50 million.

The only new release to chart was Silent House in 11th place. During its first week of release, it sold 56,000 units and earned $952,000 in sales.


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