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Featured TV on DVD Review: Dinosaur Train: Big Big Big

August 24th, 2012

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The latest Dinosaur Train DVD to reach the home market is Big Big Big. Like the previous one, this one has 8 11-minute segments, plus some extras. So what dinosaurs do we learn about this time around?

The Show

  1. Remember the Alamosaurus
    The kids (Shiny, Tiny, Don, and Buddy) are playing hide and seek when they start discussing big dinosaurs. They ask their parents if they can ride on the Dinosaur Train to learn about the biggest dinosaurs from Mr. Conductor. Instead, Dad decides they should take a week-long tour of the biggest dinosaurs. They start they tour with the Alamosaurus and Allie Alamosaurus.
  2. Heck of a Neck
    Day two of Big Dinosaur Week starts with the father pretending to be too tired to carry on Big Dinosaur Week. Like he would give up a chance to see big dinosaurs. This day, the family goes to visit the Diplodocus Dell. They go hunting for a Diplodocus, but only see a big hill, a long bridge, a huge tree trunk, and a huge snake, but they didn't find a Diplodocus. Or did they?
  3. An Apatosaurus Adventure
    Day three has the family meeting a Apatosaurus (previously known as a Brontosaurus). The Apatosaurus, Apollo, is not only big, but with a whip-like tail, he's big on adventure.
  4. Arnie Rides the Flatcar
    The family is on their way to meet Arnie the Argentinosaurus, who is still a kid, but already too big to ride the Time Train. Arnie mentions all of the good things about being big, but he misses riding the train. Fortunately, Tiny has an idea.
  5. Ned the Quadroped
    Tiny and Buddy and are training to be Junior Conductors, with the help of Ned, who is already a Junior Conductor. Ned is a Brachiosaurus and helps them explore the Dinosaur Train.
  6. One Big Dinosaur
    When Tiny is feeling too small, they visit the Argentinosaurus to see it's not all good news being so big. Tiny learns that there are benefits to being smaller.
  7. Dinosaur Poop
    It's time to reunite with Ned the Brachiosaurus and go to the Brachiosaurus Brunch. However, Tiny's got a problem, and as you can tell from the title, it has to do with poop.
  8. All Kinds of Families
    Buddy is a little depressed that he is the only adopted dinosaur he knows. He's happy to live with the Pteranodons, but wants to meet another dinosaur who is adopted. So they go off to visit with Mikey the Microdon, whose family just adopted a new family member. But who did they adopt? Is it a tiny dinosaur like the Microdons?

The Extras

Like last time, extras include more segments with Dr. Scott D. Sampson the Paleontologist, as well as a DVD Rom game and printable pages.

The Verdict

I watch a lot of cartoons aimed at preschoolers, but Dinosaur Train is my favorite of the edutainment genre. The price-per-minute for Big Big Big is better than most similar shows, plus there are better extras than most DVD releases, making it great value. If your kids are fans of the show, then it is worth picking up. If your kids have never seen it before, but like dinosaurs, it is worth picking up as well.

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