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DVD Sales: Not So Amazing Start

December 9th, 2012

It was a soft week for new releases on the DVD sales chart and the holdovers were not a lot of help. The Amazing Spider-Man did earn first place, but with an unimpressive opening of 536,000 units / $9.62 million. There are two mitigating factors here. Firstly, the film will likely perform much better on Blu-ray. Secondly, it was released on Friday, so it had a shortened opening week. Tinker Bell: Secret of the Wings was pushed into second place with 295,000 units / $5.89 million for the week giving it totals of 1.41 million units / $25.92 million after three. Arthur Christmas was right behind with 282,000 units / $4.79 million. It struggled at the box office, so this is not a surprising start on the home market. The Campaign held on rather well down just 30% to 226,000 units / $3.38 million for the week and 550,000 units / $8.23 million after two. Unfortunately, it also had a slower than expected start, so its totals are still lower than where they should be. Magic Mike reached 1 million units during the week with sales of 176,000 units / $2.63 million, while its running tallies rose to 1.13 million units / $16.93 million.

Fire with Fire opened in 13th place with 66,000 units / $857,000. This is not good for a film that reportedly cost $20 million to make. Prep and Landing: Totally Tinsel Collection opened in 20th place with 49,000 units / $486,000 during its first week of release. Half of this DVD had already been released, so I'm not surprised it didn't sell really well. It was the Blu-ray Combo Pack the studio was pushing.


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