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Featured TV on DVD Review: SNL: Best of Chris Farley

January 23rd, 2011

Saturday Night Live: The Best of Chris Farley - Buy from Amazon

Saturday Night Live has been going on for more than three decades now, and over the years they've produced a number of amazing comedic talents, as well as a few tragedies. Chris Farley fits into both categories. He never quite found the right movie script to show off his talent, Tommy Boy was good, but not great, and his life was cut short due to what can politely be described as an unhealthy lifestyle. Does this Best Of DVD do justice to his work on SNL?

The Show

The skits included start with...

  1. Andrew Giuliani Cold Open
    With Mayor Giuliani giving his inaugural address, Chris Farley plays his fidgety son.
    This is a pretty good way to start the DVD, as this is the kind of character Chris Farley was born to play.
  2. Chris & Mom
    Just Chris and his Mom with her talking about how big a baby he was.
  3. Motivational Speaker
    "Livin' in a van by the river."
    Arguably Chris Farley's second most famous skit of all time and an absolute classic.
  4. Hibernol
    Hibernol, the cold medication that let's you sleep away the entire flu season.
    Not the best commercial parody Chris Farley was part of, but funny nonetheless.
  5. Chippendales
    Chris Farley in a dance-off with Patrick Swayze.
    Had this one not been included, the DVD would have been worthless.
  6. Montage 1
    Mostly Chris Farley in dresses.
  7. Bill Swerski's Super Fan
    Da Bears.
    George Wendt is the host of a sports show, set in Chicago, with Chris Farley as one of the regulars. Also a famous bit and one of the best on the DVD.
  8. The Chris Farley Show
    A montage of interviews with Jeff Daniels, Martin Scorsese, and Paul McCartney.
  9. Update/Bennett Brauer
    Bennett Brauer does commentary on Weekend Update about how unfit he is to be a commentator.
    Starts out fine, but overstays its welcome.
  10. Montage 2
    Some of Chris's more physical bits during his tenure on the show.
  11. Schillervisions
    A stunning expose of hidden camera commercials where there are dozens of takes before you get that one genuine reaction.
    It's a single joke stretched a little too far.
  12. Montage 3
    A few celebrity impersonations, ending with El Nino.
  13. Lunch Lady
    Adam Sandler sings an ode to the Lunch Lady, with Chris Farley playing the titular character.
    One of the better skits on the DVD, but also one that I recently reviewed.
  14. Japanese Game Show
    Mike Myers plays the host of a Japanese game show and Chris Farley is one of the contestants, the only contestant that doesn't speak Japanese.
    Going to a country and not knowing the language is alienating enough. Going on a Japanese game show without knowing the language should have been hilarious, but it was too mean-spirited.
  15. Montage 4
    The fourth montage has Chris Farley taking a lot of abuse.
  16. Focus on Beauty
    Christina Applegate playing Cher in a parody of one of the informercials of the time.
    Another case of the joke going on longer than it should have.

The Extras

The extras include a sketch that was cut after dress rehearsal, some outtakes, two interviews Chris Farley did on late night talk shows, and a couple image galleries. Also included are bonus skits, starting with...

  1. Schmitts Gay
    Reviewed previously.
  2. Motivational Speaker: Halloween
    The van guy is back, this time lecturing kids that were pulling pranks on Halloween.
    We saw some of this in one of the montages. Not as good as the original, but still pretty funny.
  3. Gap Girls
    David Spade, Adam Sandler, and Chris Farley play three gap girls complaining during lunch.
    I previously reviewed these recurring characters. I didn't like it then, and I don't like it now.
  4. Bob Swerski's Quiz Masters
    George Wendt is back, this time hosting a quiz show with the members of his Super Fans as contestants.
    Almost as good as the one on the regular program.
  5. Update/Bennett Brauer
    Bennett Brauer again explains over and over again why he shouldn't be there. I agree.

The Verdict

Saturday Night Live: The Best of Chris Farley starts out really well, but kind of loses steam partway through. The hit to miss ratio is high enough that it is worth checking out, but there are a few double-dips to worry about. That said, the DVD is a solid rental, leaning toward a purchase.

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