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Featured TV on DVD Review: Dora the Explorer

January 27th, 2011

Dora the Explorer - Buy from Amazon: Dora's Birthday Adventure, Big Sister Dora, Super Babies, and Super Silly Fiesta

A quartet of Dora the Explorer DVDs were re-released on the 18th of January and the screeners arrived about a week late. So what episodes are included on these DVDs? And are there any extras to be found?

Big Sister Dora

  1. Big Sister Dora
    Dora's mom is having a baby and Dora has to get home first. She'll need your help to get through the spooky forest and other obstacles, all while singing songs about being a big sister.
  2. Dora Saves the Game
    Dora's cousin, Daisy, is playing in a soccer game, but her team doesn't have enough players to compete, so they have to forfeit. That is unless Dora can get to the game in time, but in order to that, she'll need your help.
  3. Job Day
    After talking about what kind of jobs they would like to have when they grow up, Dora and Boots get a call to help her mother find some treasure. (Her mother is an archeologist.) Along the way they learn about a lot of different jobs you can have when you grow up.)
  4. A Letter for Swiper
    After the special delivery bird crashes, Dora and Boots help her deliver her four special letters to Tico, Isa, Benny... and Swiper?
Extras on the DVD include a short game and a music video.

Super Babies

  1. Super Babies
    Dora and Boots are helping Dora's mom put the twins to bed. To help, she tells them the story of the Super Babies. In this adventure, they have to do deal with Swiper the Fox, who stole all of the bananas, including their banana baby food.
  2. Catch the Babies
    Dora's family is all together and whenever that happens, they tell each other silly stories. This time around, Dora's story is about the day the twins fell in their stroller and rolled away.
  3. Baby Dino
    Dora, Boots, and Diego find a giant egg and a dinosaur hatches out of it. Now the three of them have to get the dinosaur back to its parents.
  4. Por Favor
    Dora tells the fairy tale about a kind king whose crown won't sit on his head unless he says the magic words, "Por favor". He's got to figure it out before Swiper the Fox comes and steals the crown, so Dora and Boots jump into the book to help him.
The DVD also has a game, while there are two music videos.

Super Silly Fiesta

  1. Super Silly Fiesta
    It's super silly day and Dora and Boots are off to the fiesta. They need to get there fast to help the Big Red Chicken find its cake.
  2. Boot's Special Day
    It's Boot's Special Day, so he can do whatever he wants, which includes drumming in a parade, going to the animal shelter, and visiting his dad at work.
  3. Stuck Truck
    After boots describes a number of different types of trucks, he and Dora learn that one of them is stuck. I don't see what the problem could be. So what if the fire truck or the tow truck is stuck. What truck is it? The ice cream truck? To the rescue! Now! Now! Now!
  4. The Big Potato
    Benny the Bull's trying to learn magic with a wand he found, but he accidentally turns himself into a potato. Yes, a potato. Dora tries to turn him back, but when that doesn't work, they try and find the wizard who previously owned the wand.
There's a "game" on this DVD, but it is about as non-interactive as it can be.

Dora's Birthday Adventure

I reviewed this DVD when it first came out and you can find that here.

The Final Verdict

These Dora the Explorer DVDs are exactly what we've come to expect from the franchise and each includes four episodes and a small number of extras. It's good value for the money, in fact, Super Silly Fiesta is less than $7 on, so if your kids are fans of the show, its worth picking up.

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