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Featured TV on DVD Review: Bratz: Good Vibes

March 16th, 2011

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The Bratz franchise has been around for a long time, first as a line of dolls starting in 2001, then as a line of direct-to-DVD videos, a live-action movie, and in 2006 a TV show. Good Vibes is the first DVD release from the TV show, but how does it compare to the other Bratz releases that I've reviewed?

The Show

  1. Bratz vs. Bratz
    The Bratz run a fashion magazine and they could land a huge advertising contract from a designer, if they can impress him with the latest layout by the end of the day. But they have competition. Not only that, they also have to look after his two kids when their nanny comes up with a lame excuse and flees. Will they be able to handle the kids, their competition, and a potential client that is way too full of himself?
  2. Inner Beauty Queens
    Yasmine is elected the Prom Queen, while the dreamest guy in high school, Adam Bantam, is elected Prom King. But when Adam transfers to Mongolia, she needs a new date, and one that's worthy of being Prom King. Chloe sets her up with her cousin, Scott, who is cute, but has a voice that drives her nuts, and not in a good way. Will she be able to look past this one flaw?
  3. A Sporting Chance
    Two rival synchronized swim teams were out for a part in a movie musical. But when the winning team's mascot goes missing, it's up to the Bratz to figure out who did it. Was it Yoko? The leader of the rival team? That's the obvious suspect, but the evidence seems to point to... Yasmine?
  4. The Chronicles of Karma
    The Bratz learn about the concept of karma and set about doing good deeds in order to reap the rewards. However, doing something nice just to get rewarded isn't exactly what karma is all about. The plan backfires even more when Yasmine is charged with shoplifting after trying to get the Tweevils to not shoplift. (They were unclear on the concept of "Free Samples" vs. stealing everything in sight.) Will doing good deeds final pay off for someone?

The Extras

There are no extras on the DVD.

The Verdict

After just a few years, Bratz looks and feels very outdated. Good Vibes is not the worst example of the franchise, but there are far too many other options out there for its target audience.

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