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International Box Office: Rango Moseys to the Top

March 16th, 2011

Rango climbed into first place on the international chart this weekend adding $24.05 million on 5214 screens in 46 markets to its two-week total of $47.18 million. It opened in first place in Australia with $2.73 million on 296 screens, while it finished a very close second in Brazil with $1.75 million on 330 screens over the weekend for a total opening on $2.75 million. As far as holdovers go, it was down just 6% in the U.K. to $2.48 million on 471 screens over the weekend for a total of $5.82 million after two. It was able to remain in first place in Mexico with $2.13 million on 927 screens over the weekend and $5.82 million after two. With debuts in Russia, France, Italy, Japan, and other markets still ahead, it should have little troublen hitting $100 million internationally and $250 million worldwide making it the biggest hit of the year, so far.

Battle: Los Angeles debuted in second place with $16.70 million on 3091 screens in 32 markets. Its best opening came from Russia, where it made $4.51 million on 661 screens, while it also earned first place in the the U.K. with $2.89 million on 420. On the other hand, it struggled in Mexico with just $827,000 on 314 screens.

The King's Speech was pushed into third place with $14.98 million on 3981 screens in 53 markets for a total of $217.00 million internationally and $346.01 million worldwide. It remained a $1 million player in the U.K. adding $1.11 million on 428 screens to its ten-week total of $69.64 million.

Torrente 4 opened in first place in Spain with $11.70 million on 665 screens, which was the biggest ever opening for a home grown film in that market. It was also 60% more than its predecessor and fourth biggest weekend in that market in history.

The only other film to earn more than $10 million over the weekend was Black Swan, which landed in fifth place with $10.72 million on 4440 screens in 44 markets for a total of $165.98 million internationally and $271.91 million worldwide. It will likely start fading quickly at this point, but it could still reach $300 million worldwide, on a budget of just $13 million.

Looking further down the ranks we find Tangled in 15th place with $4.14 million on 2658 screens in 39 markets for a total of $355.35 million internationally and $552.03 million worldwide. It debuted in Japan, but understandably struggled with $1.74 million on 370 screens. Given the disaster that has hit that market, it's hard to say what will happen to the film long-term, but that consideration is also insignificant compared to everything else happening in Japan.

There were also a couple of milestones reached internationally with Yogi Bear getting to the century mark on the international scene and $200 million worldwide. Meanwhile, The Voyage Of The Dawn Treader hit $400 million worldwide, nearly 75% of that coming overseas.


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