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DVD Sales: Bieber Makes Short Work of Competition

May 24th, 2011

Despite coming out a few days later than the rest of the new releases, Justin Bieber: Never Say Never topped the DVD sales chart this week with 471,000 units sold and $7.26 million in consumer spending at retail. No Strings Attached opened in second place with 315,000 units / $5.41 million, which is not particularly strong, but not too bad, all things considered. Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, Part I remained in third place adding 168,000 units / $2.68 million for the week for running tallies of 4.92 million units / $68.61 million after five. It should quickly become the second DVD release of 2011 to sell 5 million units. The Green Hornet fell to fourth place with 163,000 units over the week and 671,000 after two. Its total sales of $10.73 million after two weeks of release is disappointing. Tangled climbed back into the top five for the week with sales of 153,000 units / $2.75 million, while it remained in top spot for the year with 5.63 million units / $86.77 million.

Blue Valentine missed the top five, landing in seventh place with 84,000 units / $1.44 million, but this is good for a limited release. Wrestlemania XXVII opened in ninth place with 51,000 units / $964,000. Further down the list we find Black Death in 21st place with 35,000 units / $543,000, which is also good for a limited release, especially one that never found an audience in theaters.


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