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Blu-ray Sales: New Releases Not Attached to Top Spot

May 25th, 2011

As I mentioned at the time, the list of Blu-rays were weak this week, so weak that Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, Part I was able to return to top spot. That said, its weekly sales of 94,000 units and $2.16 million was terribly weak for the number one Blu-ray. On the other hand, its totals after five weeks of release are 2.79 million units and $63.26 million, which are the best of the year so far. No Strings Attached was the biggest new release opening in second place with 85,000 units / $1.81 million for the week. Its opening Blu-ray ratio was 21%, which is not bad for a romantic comedy. Justin Bieber: Never Say Never was very close behind in third with 84,000 units / $1.72 million. Its opening Blu-ray ratio was a mere 15%. On the one hand, concert films should be amazing in High Definition and benefit from the improved sound quality like few other films out there. On the other hand, this film was aimed at preteen girls, which is the demographic least likely to have made the leap to High Definition. The Green Hornet fell from first to fourth with 79,000 units for the week and 370,000 units in total. Its total sales of $8.28 million after two weeks of release is disappointing for a film that made close to $100 million theatrically, especially considering the visual nature of the movie. Rounding out the top five for the second week in a row was Tangled, with 42,000 units / $841,000 for the week and 2.45 million units / $57.94 million after seven. This performance certainly bodes well for the format, as it shows that even family films can thrive on High Definition, and that's a sure sign Blu-ray is mainstream. Granted, it's not yet challenging DVD's dominance, but it is certainly not fringe either.

Blue Valentine just missed the top ten with 20,000 units / $414,000, which is very strong for a limited release. Wrestlemania XXVII debuted in 15th place with 17,000 units / $348,000, which is very strong for a specialty release. Black Death opened in 24th place with 6,000 units / $127,000. This means the film sold more units on Blu-ray than it sold tickets during its limited theatrical run.

Overall Blu-ray sales continue to slip down 10% from last week in terms of dollars and 8% in terms of units. Compared to last year, the numbers look even more bleak down 19% in terms of dollars and 11% in terms of units. That said, DVD sales were even worse off and the Blu-ray market share rose to 28% in terms of dollars and 24% in terms of units sold. I don't expect things to really turn around until late June or early July. On the other hand, when summer blockbusters start coming out this fall, we could see the Blu-ray sales ratios rise significantly.


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