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DVD Sales: Never Repeats During First Full Week

May 31st, 2011

It's not like there were no new releases, but Justin Bieber: Never Say Never didn't have a lot of trouble keeping top spot on the DVD sales chart to itself. During its first full week of release it sold an additional 476,000 units, lifting its totals to 967,000 units / $17.26 million after two. Given its target demographic, Fangirls, it's not exactly surprising that it is selling so well on DVD. The Mechanic opened in second place with 393,000 units / $5.94 million during its opening week on the home market. This is pretty good compared to its theatrical run and given the overall state of the DVD market. No Strings Attached landed in third place with 189,000 units / $2.83 million for the week and 517,000 units / $8.47 million after two. The film was a bigger than expected hit theatrically, but it hasn't been able to carry that success into the home market. The Rite was a slightly bigger hit theatrically than The Mechanic was, but it flopped on the home market earning fourth place with 187,000 units / $2.95 million. Tangled and The Roommate were in a virtual tie for fifth place. The former led the latter in terms of units at 148,000 units to 147,000 units; however, their positions were reversed in terms of dollars at $2.58 million to $2.12 million. On the other hand, Tangled is the clear winner as far as running tallies go, as it remains the best selling DVD of 2011 with 5.78 million units sold and total revenues of $89.01 million.

The only other new release of the week was Thor: Tales of Asgard, which placed 12th with 64,000 units / $951,000. That's not bad for a direct-to-DVD release.

One last note, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, Part I became only the second release of 2011 to sell 5 million units and has sold 5.05 million units for $70.63 million in revenue after six weeks of release. While it won't catch up to Tangled without serious help from Part II, it is also nearly 2 million units ahead of the third place release, Megamind.


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