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Blu-ray Sales: The Fix is in for The Mechanic

June 1st, 2011

While The Mechanic had to settle for second place on this week's DVD Sales Chart, it led the way with ease on the Blu-ray Sales Chart with 230,000 units / $3.90 million. Its Blu-ray sales ratio of 37% is strong for a decidedly second-tier release. A fellow new release, The Rite, grabbed second place with 87,000 units / $1.81 million, giving it an opening Blu-ray ratio of 32%. Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, Part I fell to third place with 74,000 units / $1.37 million, but it leads the year with 2.87 million units / $64.63 million. Justin Bieber: Never Say Never spent its first full week in fourth place with 70,000 units / $1.45 million while it has 154,000 units / $3.17 million in total sales so far. No Strings Attached rounded out the top five with 51,000 units / $932,000 for the week giving it totals of 137,000 units / $2.74 million after two.

The next best new release was Roommate, which tied for sixth place with 46,000 units sold and opening week sales of $819,000. Its opening week Blu-ray ratio was just 24%, which is rather low, but it is not exactly a prime release for High Definition. Thor: Tales of Asgard just managed to grab a spot in the top ten with 33,000 units / $594,000. For a direct-to-DVD release, it's Blu-ray ratio of 34% was very strong.

There was one last release of note, as Firefly: The Complete Series earned eighth place in terms of units with 43,000, but third place in terms of dollars with $1.48 million.

The overall Blu-ray sales saw growth of 23% from last week in terms of dollars and 25% in terms of units, but before we get too excited about this, last week's sales were the weakest we've seen all year. Compared to last year, the growth was more impressive, up 27% in terms of dollars and up a staggering 45% in terms of units. The Blu-ray ratio also saw growth hitting 25% in terms of units sold and just shy of 30% in terms of dollars. While the growth is obviously nice, we are still seeing less than 1 million total units sold. It was close, and maybe a few weeks in summer we will top that milestone, but with how weak the first few months of 2011 were, I don't think we will see strong sales till the fall when the summer blockbusters start coming out. There's no Alice in Wonderland to boost summertime sales this year.


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