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DVD Sales: New Releases Have True Grit

June 21st, 2011

There were seven new releases on this week's DVD Sales Chart, and six of those reached the top ten. Leading the way was True Grit with 1.02 million units / $15.91 million during its opening week on the home market. It is already in 30th place for 2011 and should quickly climb much further up. Just Go With It opened in second place with 475,000 units / $8.17 million, which is a little weaker than expected for a $100 million hit. True Blood: Season Three fell to third place with 166,000 units / $4.96 million for the week and 912,000 units / $27.67 million after two. It should hit 1 million units shortly, which is an impressive milestone for a TV on DVD release. Speaking of 1 million units, Gnomeo and Juliet got to that milestone with 138,000 units / $2.43 million over the week and 1.03 million units / $16.80 million after three. Rounding out the top five was Breaking Bad: Season Three with 108,000 units / $2.16 million.

Burn Notice: Season Four missed the top five by a rounding error with 107,000 units, but its revenue of $3.22 million was enough for fourth place. Green Lantern: Emerald Knights placed seventh with 101,000 units / $1.46 million during its opening week, which is great for a direct-to-DVD release. Eighth place went to Sanctum with 87,000 units / $1.67 million. The film struggled at the box office, so it comes as no surprise that it struggled on the home market. The final new release to chart was The Company Men, which earned 13th place with 76,000 units / $1.33 million, which isn't bad for a limited release.

There was one more entrant of note, as True Grit, the 1969 version, popped onto the chart in 11th place with 78,000 units / $621,000. Since they are both released by Paramount, it's a little extra revenue thanks to synergy.


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