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DVD Sales: New Releases are Really Wimpy

July 6th, 2011

Several new DVD releases charted this week, and new releases even earned the top three spots on the chart. However, sales were very weak and they only placed that well due to the lack of substantial competition. The number one film on this week's DVD sales chart was Diary of A Wimpy Kid: Rodick Rules with just 255,000 units sold and $5.01 million in opening week consumer spending at retail. To put this into perspective, that's on par with the original film's second week on the home market. The Adjustment Bureau opened in second place with 232,000 units / $4.35 million, while Unknown was right behind with 229,000 units / $3.59 million. Granted, it's the slowest time of year for DVD sales, but these numbers are still depressingly low. Battle: Los Angeles fell to fourth place with 153,000 units / $2.60 million for the week and 581,000 units / $9.98 million after two. It might eventually get to 1 million units, but it will fall off the chart long before then. True Grit fell from first to fifth with 115,000 units / $1.89 million. However, with 1.47 million units / $22.84 million in total sales, it is already close to the top ten for 2011 releases.

The Eagle just missed the top five with 100,000 units / $1.74 million in opening week sales. Closer: Season Six managed 13th place, which is respectable for a TV on DVD release, selling 47,000 units and generating $1.21 million in opening week sales. Further down the list we find Cedar Rapids in 21st place with 26,000 units / $443,000 in opening week sales. On the one hand, very few limited releases manage to open in the top 30, but very few limited releases reach $6 million at the box office, so I was hoping for more.


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