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Featured TV on DVD Review: iCarly: The I <3 iCarly Collection

July 18th, 2011

iCarly: The I <3 iCarly Collection - Buy from Amazon

This will be one of the shortest reviews I've ever written, because iCarly: The I <3 iCarly Collection is just a repackaging re-released of three DVDs that I've already reviewed. Because of that, there's little that needs to be added to the individual DVDs and only the price really matters.

The DVDs

The three DVDs included here are:

  1. iFight Shelby Marx: Review
    Released in early 2010, it features a double-length episode with a guest appearance by Victoria Justice. Extras include the pilot episode for Big Time Rush, which is not a selling point. There are also a couple really short featurettes.
  2. iSaved Your Life: Review
    Released this time last year, roughly. The episodes are strong, but not only is it a mixed DVD, but the episodes are not even in chronological order and the continuity actually matters. There are more episodes than the previous DVD, which means the price-per-minute is better. The extras are limited to some short behind-the-scenes stuff.
  3. iSpace Out: Review
    While the titular episode is only average, the rest of the DVD is good. The extras include a trivia track and the pilot to Victorious, which is a fine show, but starts off slowly.

The Verdict

Compared to the individual single-disc DVDs that comprise this box set, iCarly: The I <3 iCarly Collection is quite a bargain and is about half as much money. On the other hand, its price-per-minute is no better than the season sets, and if you are a big enough fan of the show to want to buy the episodes on DVD, you'll want all of the episodes in the proper order. The extras are not enough to warrant buying the episodes twice. So save your money and wait for Season Three, which comes out at the end of next month. In the meantime, check out our contest to see if you can win a copy.

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