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DVD Sales: New Releases Are Assassinated

July 19th, 2011

New releases were dead on arrival on this week's DVD sales chart. None reached the top five, while only three reached the top 30. This left Sucker Punch in top spot, but with only 105,000 units / $1.58 million units for the week giving it totals of 381,000 units / $5.71 million after two. Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, Part I climbed into second place with 97,000 units / $1.44 million for the week, while its totals hit 5.24 million / $73.29 million after three months of release. It remains one of the few bright spots on the 2011 sales chart. Diary of A Wimpy Kid: Rodick Rules climbed a spot to third with 82,000 units / $1.45 million for the week. However, its running tallies of 564,000 units / $10.35 million are still lower than the original managed during its opening week of release. Season of the Witch fell to fourth place with 79,000 units / $1.26 million for the week and 344,000 units / $5.54 million after two. The less said about that DVD's performance the better. Meanwhile, Unknown climbed back into the top five with 68,000 units / $1.02 million, but since it has only sold 482,000 units and generated a mere $7.42 million after three weeks of release, it is incredibly disappointing on the home market.

The best new release of the week was Eureka: Season 4.0, which placed seventh with 60,000 units while its opening week sales were $1.15 million. I credit Felicia Day for that performance and I think her becoming a regular can only help the show with the coveted nerd demo (of which I'm a proud member). 13 Assassins opened in 12th place with 51,000 units / $565,000, which is good for a limited release. Likewise, Hobo with a Shotgun opened in 21st place with 30,000 units generating $534,000 during its opening week. This is more than it made in limited release, not counting its earlier performance in Canada.

One last DVD of note, Cars returned to the chart in 22nd place with 28,000 units. More notably, it recently crossed $250,000,000 in sales. It's been a while since a DVD has sold enough units to reach that milestone.


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