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International Box Office: Box Office is Starting to Feel Blue

September 21st, 2011

The dry season continues at the box office with the last of the summer blockbusters fading away while the first of the fall hits is a long way off. This has left The Smurfs without any real competition and for six weeks it has topped the international box office. During its eighth week of release, the film pulled in $17.93 million on 6,404 screens in 69 markets for totals of $345.44 million internationally and $483.04 million worldwide. The film opened in first place in Italy with $3.55 million on 542 screens, while it also placed first in Australia with $2.56 million on 458 screens over the weekend and $3.59 million in total.

Johnny English: Reborn made its debut in second place with 12.08 million on 1,478 screens in 15 markets. Its playing in mostly smaller sites, but it did top the charts in Russia with $2.55 million on 577 screens, while it placed second in Australia with $2.59 million on 293 screens. It showed a little growth in Australia compared to the first film, while eight years ago Russia was too small a market to compare results. I don't expect the film to be a huge success here, but a first or second place opening here would be a good start for the film.

Friends with Benefits climbed a spot into third place with $8.74 million on 2335 screens in 38 markets for a total of $42.33 million after nearly two months of release. This week it opened in third place in Mexico, but with just $909,000 on 395 screens. It also fell just 29% in Germany to $1.76 million on 462 screens over the weekend for $5.24 million after two.

Rise of the Planet of the Apes fell to fourth place with $8.69 million on 3,991 screens in 48 markets for a total of $222.10 million on $393.75 million worldwide. It has yet to open in Italy and Japan, but it is already a profitable movie, so anything it earns now is just icing on the cake.

Sanctum returned to the top five with $6.97 million over the weekend and $69.08 million in total. It opened in seventh place in Japan with $1.26 million on 213 screens over the weekend for a total opening on $1.70 million.


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