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Per Theater Chart Shows Some Skin

October 18th, 2011

There was only one film to top $10,000 on the per theater chart this weekend. The Skin I Live In had a big name director, big name star, excellent reviews, and a lot of buzz thanks to a controversial plot. This added up to an opening of $233,000 in six theaters for an average of $37,187. This suggests it will perform very well on the art house circuit, but this is a film that will never play to wide audiences.

The next best new limited release was Fireflies in the Garden, which earned an average of $7,377. This does suggest some potential to expand, but given its reviews, it probably won't last. OKA! opened in one theater earning $4,461. Texas Killing Fields earned an average of $2,924 in three theaters. This won't convince a lot of theater owners to book the film in the coming weeks, but given its genre, it should perform better on the home market. At least it topped the Mendoza Line, something several limited released failed to do so. America the Beautiful II: The Thin Commandments came close with an average of $1,866 in three theaters over the weekend, while it managed $2,407 if you include Wednesday and Thursday's numbers. Trespass earned an average of $1,682 in ten theaters, while its awful reviews suggests a quick collapse after that. Labios Rojos opened in 67 theaters, which is way too many for a limited release, and it struggled with a per theater average of just $1,097. Chalet Girl was well back with just $192 in one theater. This is a real shame, as its reviews are really good. Maybe people were more interested in seeing it on Video On Demand.


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