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Per Theater Chart Goes Crazy

November 1st, 2011

Like Crazy was the only film to reach the $10,000 mark on the per theater chart, but was stellar with an average of $30,785 in four theaters. Its reviews suggest it will be able to expand somewhat, but it's a little too weak to be an Awards Season player. While it didn't get to the $10,000 mark, Ra. One came relatively close to reaching the top ten with $1.65 million in 189 theaters over the weekend for an average of $8,751. That's amazing for this type of film and it deserves a special mention.

The other new limited releases were led by Inni with an average of $4,963 in three theaters. Anonymous opened with more than $1 million, but it was playing in 265 theaters for an average of $3,856. Given its reviews, its per theater average, and its current theater count, it has little room to expand. My Reincarnation was relatively close behind with an average of $3,249. The Double had a single-digit Tomatometer score, which obviously had a negative impact on the film's opening. It debuted in 11 theaters and earned an average of just $2,422. Sidewalls missed the Mendoza Line with $1,304 in its lone theater over the weekend and $1,734 since Wednesday. All's Faire in Love was a disaster earning under $18,000 in 75 theaters for an average of $237. Had the film been playing in just seven theaters, then that would have still been a slow start.

This past week also saw milestones reached for a few Per Theater Chart alumni:

  • Anonymous opened with more than $1 million. Getting to $2 million should be easy, but as I've already said, it's potential to expand it limited.
  • Ra. One also opened with more than $1 million and these films tend to have short legs, it should have no trouble getting to $2 million or $3 million. $4 million might be too optimistic, unless it can draw in more mainstream audiences.
  • Margin Call expanded and that helped it hit $1 million over the weekend. Getting to $2 million by this time next week won't be an issue.
  • The Guard finally got to $5 million, which is fantastic for a limited release.


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