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Featured DVD Review: LeapFrog: Scout and Friends: Phonics Farm

November 5th, 2011

LeapFrog: Scout and Friends: Phonics Farm - Buy from Amazon

The latest LeapFrog DVD to arrive focuses on Scout the Puppy, who has become a very popular character with kids. He and his friends are the stars of Phonic Farms, but what will kids learn from watching this DVD? And is it good value for the money?

The Movie

Scout, Violet, Eli and Penny are playing a game of charades, where they take turns pretending to be different animals. It's one of their favorite games, but they've played it so much that they've run out of animals and have to repeat themselves. Fortunately, Axle can take them to Violet's farm to learn about exotic animals that they've never seen before. We get introduced to several animals starting with different letters of the alphabet, who all have characteristics that start with the same letter as they do. Partway through the alphabet, the vowels show up and sing a song and at the end the vowels lead Scout and Friends as they sing the "Letter Sound Hoedown".

The Extras

Extras on this DVD are typical of LeapFrog releases with a sing-along and several bonus songs.

The Verdict

The latest from LeapFrog, Scout and Friends: Phonics Farm, is an excellent way for kids to learn about the alphabet and the sounds each letter makes. The price-per-minute is high compared to a lot of DVDs aimed at preschoolers; however, it is in line with other releases from the franchise. If you have been happy with previous LeapFrog releases, this one is also worth adding to your collection.

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