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Featured TV on DVD Review: Celebrate with Dora

November 14th, 2011

Celebrate with Dora - Buy from Amazon

This week we have reviews for two Dora the Explorer DVDs. The first is Celebrate with Dora, a three-disc box set. While the second is a French-Bilingual release, Dora Celebrates Three Kings Day, which came out in Canada not too long ago. (The screener arrived quite late.) So what episodes are found on these DVDs? And are they worth the price?

Celebrate with Dora

The three-disc set includes...

  1. Dora's Christmas
    Which I've previously reviewed.
  2. Dora's Big Birthday Adventure
    Which I've previously reviewed.
  3. Dora's Halloween
    Which I've partially reviewed.
    1. Boo!
      I've reviewed this episode as part of the Nick Jr Favorites: Happy Halloween.
    2. The Missing Piece
      Dora and Boots are putting together a talking jigsaw puzzle (voiced by Ricardo Montalban). But they can't finish the puzzle, because there is one piece missing, his wand! Dora and Boots agree to help find the wand, but they don't know where to look. Who do you ask when you don't know where to go?
    3. To the Monkey Bars
      The episode starts with Dora and Boots reminiscing while looking through a photo album. When she gets to a picture of her on the monkey bars, she admits she's never made it all the way across. Fortunately, her best friend is a monkey, do he's sure he can help her get across this time.
    4. The Big Storm
      Dora and Boots are cloud watching when they see a big storm blow in. They need to warn everyone to get into their homes to ride out the storm. First they needed something to make a loud noise, then they need to warn everyone, then they need to get home fast.

    The Extras

    The only extras are a couple screens of activities, but there are no sounds or animations.

The Verdict

Keep an eye on out on the prices of the various DVDs that make up this collection.

Dora Celebrates Three Kings Day

The French-Bilingual version of this DVD was released in Canada recently and I've previously reviewed the DVD when it came out in the States. The Dora the Explorer French-Bilingual DVD are different to the Spongebob Squarepants French-Bilingual, because Dora teaches a few words of French each epsiode. With the optional French track, she speaks entirely in French and teaches a few words of English.

The Final Verdict

Two DVDs with 16 episodes over four discs and I only had to talk about three episodes. That does mean there are a lot of double-dips happening here. Because this is the case, double-check what DVDs you already own and the prices of getting them separately. Celebrate with Dora is a little cheaper than buying the DVDs separately, but not by enough to justify any double-dips.

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