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International Box Office: Twilight Leaps Past Major Milestone

December 7th, 2011

For the third weekend in a row, The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn, Part 1 earned top spot on the international chart, this time with $40.2 million on 9,000 screens in 73 markets. It now has totals of $341 million internationally and $588 million worldwide. Its biggest opening of the weekend came from South Korea, where it made $3.22 million on 706 screens for a total opening of $5.12 million. Its biggest running tally comes from the U.K. where it has made $42.76 million, including $2.61 million on 523 screens this past weekend.

Puss In Boots shot into second place with $22.71 million on 3,485 screens in 26 markets for a still early total of $89.04 million. The film debuted in second place in France with $8.23 million on 671 screens, while it expanded wide in Mexico climbing into first place with $3.71 million on 1,579 screens over the weekend for a total of $3.97 million.

Happy Feet Two rose to third place with $16.3 million on 7,000 screens in 40 markets, for a total of $34.0 million after three weeks of release. It had to settle for second place in Russia with $3.46 million on 932 screens and in the U.K. with $2.64 million on 491. It only managed third place in Germany with $1.30 million on 504 screens.

Intouchables slipped just 6% to $15.07 million on 858 screens in 3 markets for a total of $103.30 million. This includes $13.70 million on 789 screens in France, giving it a total of $96.29 million after a month of release. It is very rare for films to reach the century mark in France, but this film should get to that group by this time next week.

White Vengeance opened in first place in China and fifth place internationally with $13.07 million.

Vysotsky: Thank God I'm Alive was right behind with $12.27 million on 1,508 screens in 3 markets. Of that, $11.16 million was earned on 1,400 screens in its native Russia.

Arthur Christmas earned seventh place with $11.91 million on 5,548 screens in 52 markets for a total of $39.07 million. It opened in Brazil this past weekend earning second place, but with $927,000 on 241 screens. It has been disappointing in most markets, especially given its reviews.

In Time returned to the chart in eighth place with $9.61 million on 2,400 screens in 45 markets for a total of $81.64 million. It opened in second place in Germany with $2.65 million on 414 screens, including previews, while it only managed fourth place in Spain with $1.97 million on 332. The film could reach $100 million internationally relatively soon, which is about three times what it made domestically. Considering it matched its production budget here, it is safe to say it will be a financial hit, even though it missed expectations domestically.

The Adventures of Tintin: Secret of the Unicorn landed in ninth place with $9.14 million on 7,947 screens in 54 markets for a total of $221.40 million. It earned third place in Japan with $2.82 million on 895 screens over the weekend for a total opening of $4.10 million. Its per theater average is too low to suggest it will have long legs in the market. On the other hand, it has likely covered its production budget, even taking into account exhibitioners share of the box office, and it has yet to open in Australia, Brazil, and of course, the domestic box office.


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