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Happy New Year (And Schedule Information)

December 29th, 2011

We are right in the middle of the end of year holidays and for many people, including most studios, it's an extended time off from work. Since most studios are closed this week, we are not getting nearly as much information as usual. We still don't have final box office numbers for this weekend and won't till January 3rd. This has made it very difficult to write our usually weekly columns. According to the limited box office numbers we have, Pina won the per theater race with an average of $22,671 in three theaters. However, there are dozens of films in theaters that we don't even have estimates for and some of them may have reached major milestones. Mission: Impossible: Ghost Protocol topped the international chart with $43 million, but there is a close race for second place, plus there's a chance a foreign film grabbed a spot in the top five. We still haven't figured out who won our previous Box Office Prediction Contest, as numbers for The Adventures of Tintin are still estimates. (For those entering our latest contest, remember The Iron Lady is only opening in four theaters, so keep that in mind.)

Next week, we will double up a lot of our weekly columns as we try to catch up. In the meantime, box office prediction numbers, limited releases and our latest contest will be published as normal.